National Litigation Counsel

Agrium US, Inc. / Crop Production Services, Inc. / United Agri Products, Inc.

Andersen Schwartzman attorneys currently act as national litigation counsel for a multinational agricultural products manufacturer based in Greeley, Colorado. For the past four years, Benjamin Schwartzman has represented Agrium, C.P.S., U.A.P., and their numerous subsidiaries in lawsuits alleging product liability, crop and livestock damage, breach of contract, breach of warranty, administrative regulatory compliance and personal injury. Our attorneys have expertise in all facets of litigation arising from not only the manufacture, retail sale and delivery of agricultural products, but the various vertically integrated processes included in their effectuation (e.g., mining of phosphates for fertilizer).

Benjamin Schwartzman has held primary responsibility for handling Agrium / C.P.S. / U.A.P. cases.