At Andersen Schwartzman, we bring our in-depth knowledge of the laws and regulations, and the applicable case law, together with careful case analysis to strategically resolve employment litigation. We believe that a keen understanding of the people involved is essential for success.

Andersen Schwartzman achieves effective defense & prosecution resolution on behalf of clients in disputes about harassment, discrimination, equal opportunity, contracts, employee raiding, and theft of trade secrets, whistleblower retaliation, and workplace privacy.

Employers are facing greater challenges and financial exposure from both current and former employees than ever before. Andersen Schwartzman provides counseling, auditing, and litigation-avoidance strategies. Our experts can help you navigate the myriad of requirements, and draft policies and documents that adhere to all applicable laws.

When conflicts do arise, you’ll be in an excellent position with clearly stated policies and procedures that protect you.


Confidentiality and Noncompete
Fiduciary duties
Investigations & Policy Development
Trade Secrets
Whistleblower Retaliation
Workplace Safety

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