Advocate: Improving effectiveness and efficiency through physical fitness

From the January 2016 issue of the Advocate

For attorneys, exercise offers more benefits than just weight loss or staying in shape. It can also help improve performance at work. And who doesn’t want to get their job done more creatively and skillfully?

Many Idaho firms encourage team members to stay healthy through incentives such as free memberships to the YMCA, extended lunch breaks for long bike rides or workouts, and flexible schedules that permit employees to bike to work.

Benjamin Schwartzman, who has led yoga classes in his firm’s building for colleagues, says yoga helps him focus more at work. “Yoga teaches me how to be present while ignoring extraneous elements around me’ he said. “At the same time, there’s a purifying aspect to it. Yoga helps strip away things like aggression, pride, and ego that can come with our profession, and replace them with characteristics like neutrality and humility. It’s an interesting paradox – yoga gives me confidence but also reminds me that I can’t do everything”

Fitness Fosters Teamwork

The partners of Andersen Schwartzman have learned that a fit team is a happier, more effective team. “When we’re healthy, we tend to be sick less often and miss fewer workdays. All of which is critical to foster a team environment in which collaboration and mental sharpness are key.”

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